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Saturday, February 27, 2010

My New Favorite Place for Breakfast

So my good friend Kiernan and I decided that we were going to go to breakfast this morning. Cody was going to be gone most of the early part of the day, so it was the perfect opportunity.
We were originally going to go to Mimi's Cafe, cause their breakfast is amazing...but as we were driving we thought we might want to go on a little adventure. So we went to a place Kiernan had heard about, but had never been called Eggs In the City. We weren't really sure exactly where it was, but knew the general area. So we decided to scout it out and just drive until we found it. After driving and admiring some cute little vintage houses, we found it!
WOW! My new favorite place! The atmosphere was so fun. It reminded me of home a little bit. It was a bit of a hipster, indie, small coffee shop vibe, which I love! (for those of you in Ventura County, think Old New York Bagel meets Central Perk on FRIENDS). The inside is kind of industrial looking with exposed silver duct work, and chalk boards, cute counter, bistro tables, and high bar stool tables. I just love the one of a kind places, not so much chain eateries.
Not only was the atmosphere awesome but the food was SO good. I got a Ham, Spinach and Pepper Jack Cheese omelet which came with some heavenly potatoes and toast. It was delish! Kiernan got this fantastic looking stack of pancakes with awesome fresh fruit and walnuts on it, and some yummy eggs. It was SO yummy and fresh.
The people that work there were real laid back and chill. Awesome. It reminded me of working the Salon Circuit back home. Which I miss terribly. You don't get a lot of places like that here in Utah, so it was a diamond in the rough! Its in a quiet neighborhood in Sugarhouse.
I love Sugarhouse. I wouldn't really want to live there, its better for people who are still living the single life, but I love to go down there and hang out in the cute little shops and the cute little random places to eat. Just gives me a little glimpse of life back in the Los Angeles area. I will be going back soon, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something different, with a sweet hipster vibe. Check it out next time you are in town!
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!
I know a lot of you back in CA get what I'm talkin bout! :) haha Miss you guys like crazy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The day of love...

So this Valentine's Day we decided would be a bit different. No fancy dinner, no gifts, no flowers, it just didn't feel right this year. We wanted to kind of focus on other people this year instead of ourselves. The thought of buying more stuff for us, just seemed like a waste. Do we really need more stuff? Do I really need to get another bouquet of flowers? He does that enough throughout the year...So we decided we would try to make it better for someone else.
This year we chose Colette, for obvious reasons. This is the first Valentines Day without her wonderful husband, and I really wanted to just ease the sting, even for just a minute. So Cody and I took her two older children and got some flowers and a card for Mom. (Plus, I am sure Colette could use a little more me time). Cole picked the prettiest flowers he could find, and Hallie decided she wanted to pick the card all on her own. They did a great job! We got suckers to share with Mom and the other kids that would be at the house later that night. Cole & Hallie couldn't be happier. They both love and adore their mom so much, and they should, she is amazing. Colette has been a real example to me of what faith, diligence, perseverance, love, and selflessness are. She has done so much for Codes and I and we couldn't think of anyone that deserved an act of kindness more. Not to mention she has always been a great example to me in the past couple years, and a great friend and sister. So Happy Valentine's Day Colette! We love you! And don't worry, we made time to talk and tell eachother we love eachother between all of the chaos. ;)
Hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day! I would have to say that we did.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Now we just need the keys...

So I guess there has been some exciting things going on. For those of you who talk to us often, you will know that we have been looking for homes this whole time. When we changed our location, things started coming together, and seemed more positive. We found a few options that looked great for us, and would have worked well; instead of nothing looking like it was going to work for us, as it had for months. Our realtor has been a real trooper going through all of this with us, but I guess he should, because he is getting thousands in commission, right?

Anyway, the time has come, we have done all of the paperwork, and as of today, we are under contract! They accepted our offer and things will start moving here rather quickly, and then so will we! Now we just have to get the house inspected and appraised. Then we have about 4 weeks until we move in. It just seems so unreal. We have waited over a year for this, because we wanted to make the situation and good as possible, and man did it pay off.

So as of mid March we will be residents in a quiet neighborhood in North Salt Lake, UT! This particular city has a lot of history as far as Cody and I are concerned. When we dated we spent a lot of our time there, because it was where I lived with my roommates. North Salt Lake holds a lot of wonderful memories for us (we had our first date up there, we first talked about getting married up there, we got engaged up there, etc.) and will continue to be a place where we will make more wonderful memories. Now I just can't wait until we get these two little pieces of metal, and it will officially be ours! :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

A little Design

My friend has a cute design blog....and I think you should visit it...
You can find it here. She has some cute stuff for the upcoming holiday! Enjoy! :) Happy February everyone!

Inspired by Facebook

So as you know, people have been posting all sorts of things on their status on Facebook lately...if you don't know that, you probably don't have one...Anyway.
This is the last one I got. "If you have a wonderful husband, fiancé or boyfriend that works hard to provide for you and would do anything just for you and your family, then repost this as your status to give the HONEST and LOYAL men out there the recognition that they deserve....He has been the BEST thing that has happened to me!"
And for all of you that acutally READ my blog, you know Cody is exactly that. He is an exellent provider, and he has proven time and time again that he would do anything for me, or for my family. The boy is probably one of the most genuine people I know. Not only that, but he is honest, loyal, and kind. He has the biggest and sweetest heart on the planet.
The funny thing is, his grandparents were just saying similar stuff about him last night. They like to remind us a lot how lucky we are to have eachother, and I love it when they do. They seem to think we are an even match, even though I know I got the better end of the deal. ;) Its just nice to hear that people see the wonderful person that you see when you look at them.
So let your wonderful counterparts now how appreciated they are, and how awesome they are. I am sure they will love every minute of it, cause we can never appreciate everything enough!
Lots of Lots babe!