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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mondays Mutterings

1. This is going to be a long one...something that bothered me last night. I was at my husband's family's house for dinner. And I was joking around and I mentioned that my brother in law's interest in clothing and shoes was on the feminine side. And I said that was quite metro of him, and he exhibiting feminine qualities. The first thing that came out of any one's mouth was "gay". However, the word never came out of my mouth. I would never say something like that. That's one of the worst generalizations ever. In addition I do not throw that word around, one of my best friends is gay and I love him like family and I respect him. And the ironic thing is, he is probably one of the least feminine men I know. It was not what I said, so clearly not what I had meant. I would not make such an ignorant generalization. That's like saying ever girl from California has blond hair. DUMB. Sorry, I had to address that it was making me mad. I was pissed so I basically just had to walk out of the room. WOW! That is one of the reasons I don't talk at my in laws, everything I say gets twisted and torn apart, therefore I don't really enjoy going.
2. I am however excited to hang out with my sister in law tonight and watch the finale of the Bachelor. But after that, what are H and myself going to do every Monday night?
3. I had a blast hanging out with some girls at a friends birthday party on Saturday Night. Much needed GNO.
4. I have had migraines more often lately, most likely due to allergies. (Thus my time off blogging)
5. I don't want pets, ever. I am gagging just thinking about the animal hair on the couch, hiding in the carpeting, etc. ugh! It just all sounds gross and unsanitary. I don't think I could let Ezra down at someones house that has pets...he crawls and puts everything in his mouth...ugh! dry heave!
6.I bought way too much fabric today.
7. I love anything star shaped. I have a collection of star wall hangings
8. Its funny that everyone here thinks 65 is warm, I am still so cold.
9. I LOVE anything made out of distressed wood or barn wood. I want an old weathered piece for a mantle on my fireplace...so rustic and amazing.
10. I finally picked a paint color for my downstairs family room. Good timing, we just ordered a new couch for down there. I am so excited to get it finished in that room.
11. I love being outside.
12. I wish my hair was long enough to tie back, but I don't want it long...dilemma!
13. I have too many things on my To-Do list. But I will get them done this month!
14. I have a hard time with people that openly discuss money and "stuff" or how much they paid for something as if I should be impressed. Guess what? I am not impressed, nor do I care. Money & "stuff" are probably one of the least important things in the world. I care to the point that I can pay for a place to live, something to drive and provide for my child. Other than that...not really one of my priorities.
15. I miss the days of childhood where things were simple, non judemental & simple.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Friday

Casual Chic. I am love with just about everything to do with this outfit. I love 3/4 length sleeve tees, I wear jeans just about every day, I love the striped Toms, I am in love with the color gray, and its one of my favorite colors to wear. :) I could probably do without the scarf and the watch.

casual friday

What do you think?

Thrifty Thursday

Make your own dishwasher detergent. Using only 1tbs. a load, it will last quite a while. So much cheaper than going out every month or so to buy detergent. And you won't have to do it as often either.

Ingredients are:

1 box of borax $4.69

1 box A & H washing soda $3.19

24 packages of lemonade $2.80

3 cups of salt $2.00

Total= $12.68

I found this on a cute blog called: Being Creative to Keep My Sanity. Its great. You kind find her post here. Enjoy!

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

This one is from Dr. Seuss. Thought it was appropriate because its his birthday this week. I love his books, and I love that they are making them into movies for kids. :)

Ps. "The Lorax" comes out on Friday, and I can't wait to see it!

Tiny Tyke Tuesday

(My Bug in a fishing vest & ugly crocks we found in his room)

Our little guy lights up our lives, seriously. I love him like the dickens! I openly admitted yesterday, I pick him up most nights and snuggle him while he is sleeping before I go to bed. Its sublime! I love listening to him breathe, sigh, even snore sometimes. Oh boy, there is almost nothing better. He is getting tall though, so its getting harder and harder to cradle him. :(

He has been sick for a couple weeks though. He had a double ear infection, and pink eye, a couple weeks ago. He got over that, but the antibiotics gave him a hideous yeast rash on his bum...so he got over that. He came home from AZ with a cough, and I can't ge rid of it. We got him a humidifier for his room, and that is helping, but it won't completely go away. But at least he is happy and playful as usual, so it can't be effecting him too badly.

So basically he has been through the ringer.

All 3 of us have been under the weather for a month or so. So sometimes Little E and I have pj days and stay in our lounge clothes ALL DAY. Its great, we really enjoy it. One of the perks of being a Stay At Home.

Hopefully Spring comes and the sicknesses leave with Winter.