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Friday, May 22, 2009

The 3 Amigos, soon to be 4!

I recently was able to go back home to California to be with my family for my sister's baby shower & Mother's Day. Needless to say, it was wonderful to be home; I miss it terribly everyday.
But as is the case with all my visits, the highlight is being able to see these three....

Emery, age 6
Fallon, age 4

and Rhett, age 9 months
Seriously I can't think of a cuter, funnier group of kids. They are the icing on the cake. I am torn everyday being in a place where I cannot see them growing up like I used to be able to on a daily basis. Its especially hard with Rhett. I was there for the first few years of both Emery & Fallon's lives nearly everyday from the day they were born. With Rhett, I have more fingers than times spent with this little guy, and its just not fair. And I am helpless when it comes to remedies for this.
Anyway, I was grateful at least that I got to spend time with my family. And I got to spend extra quality time with my cute boy, Rhett. Kelly had me babysit him for an evening when they went out with Randy's parents. So Rhett played in the bath, and snuggled with me for a while. He did not want to stop playing for bed, but at some point, I had to draw the line! So i reluctantly put him to bed. But we sure did have fun.Lucky for me, this kid loves me just about as much as I love him! :) He seems to know me, despite my absence, and I couldn't be happier about that. As you can see below. Sorry everyone, but I am the favorite auntie! (as far as I'm concerned)
Emery, Fallon and I also got to spend quality time together. We had a sleepover! Fallon, poor thing, but so funny, fell out of bed with a thud at about 2 in the morning. I picked her up, put her back in bed, and she just said, "I fell out" and went back to sleep...poor kid. Emery was a sport despite the fact that she was sick. But we sure did enjoy hanging out just like old times.

Well altogether it was a wonderful trip. But as with any trip I take, I pretty much cry the whole rest of the day after I get back to Utah. My poor husband, but man I love him so much for putting up with me. I wouldn't trade him, just maybe my location! :) Sorry I didnt get to see more of you, I was only really able to see Doug Bell and Jason Armisted while I was there. They were nice enough to stop by my house and hang out for a bit! Miss all you guys back in Camarillo, like you wouldn't believe!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


So this past Thursday, my mom was able to come up and visit Cody & I, and stay with us. We were so glad to have here with us for 4 days. We basically just hung out, while Cody was at work on both Thursday and Friday. So me and my mom did what we do best, we shopped, and we decided to cook. My mom is seriously such a shopper, she likes to shop for other people, but she still LOVES to shop. We like to frequent fabric stores, and pick out things to go in our homes. So she helped me pick out some drapery fabric. Which I am now I can finally make my window valances, and my drapes! I finally found a fabric that goes well with our new couches, and the new paint we were able to paint in our place. It is so nice to have fresh paint on the walls in the colors we want. It makes it seem much more homey!
Anyway, so my mom also decided to take the time to teach me how to make her wonderful pasta sause. With our Italian upbringing, she was disgusted that I had allowed my husband to buy Prego pasta sauce. The true Italian she is, she doesn't use measuring cups, she cooks by smell. But she had to figure out the measurements for me to start out with. So now I have no excuses. I know how to make her awesome sauce, and she even bottled and froze some for me.
Saturday we decided to go to the Salt Lake temple and do a session there. We had a wonderful experience. It was a lot different than others, but you could definitely appreciate why it took so long to build as you are sitting in there taking everything in. I was very glad to be there with both my husband, and my mom.
Sunday, my mom taught me to make my favorite Sunday dinner. Roast & mashed potatoes. MMMmmmMMM! She had to teach me to make her yummy gravy too. I won't eat most gravy, just the kind my mom makes. So now I will be able to enjoy that without travelling 1,000 miles.
We had a great weekend, but it was really hard to see her go again. Cody had to walk my mom out, cause I couldn't control myself. SORRY MOM! But I don't really know why I was flipping out so bad, I am going out to Camarillo on Thursday!!! haha :)
But being the bad historian I am, I didn't take ANY pictures! Oh well! Good news though; Cody found our memory card!!!!

Hope all is well with you & yours!