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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sorry, this is our house....haha so far

Its been a long time coming. We have been here 6 months, so there is a lot more that we have done that we just need to take pictures of. But here are some so far...and the kitchen has even changed a bit more since these were taken. :) But we will just get started.

Front of the house on move in day... After Cody started fertilizing and taking good care of the yard. Next year it should look even better.
Kitchen on move in day...
Amazing what a little paint and fabric can do. We have a different kitchen table now, and I have my sewing room set up, so I don't have to mess up the kitchen anymore :)
another shot, different angle.
We have done the family room too. But I don't have everything on the walls yet. We did the entry and hallways as well and we are working on our room and the guest room right now. Its been fun, but we have much more to do. I will keep you posted.