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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Offer...

So lately, as most of you know, we have been house hunting. We have been touring homes since October, but nothing stuck out.

As circumstances in Cody's family changed, so our areas of focus changed as well. We were now looking in the area we swore we would never live. So as of the beginning of December, we decided to take a break for the Christmas season, and try our luck again in the New Year in our new area.

We would look on websites every so often and see if there was anything we liked, but we told our realtor we probably wouldn't want to go tour any until after Christmas...but we lied. Cody found one he absolutely needed to see, and he wanted to see it ASAP. So I called the realtor last Thursday, and so this crazy journey has begun. We fell in love with it! So hopefully tomorrow we will be signing the papers to put in our first offer on a house...this is a big step for us. We are halfway freaking out, but at the same time, so excited to have a home to call our own, and finally gain some equity!
I am also really proud of us, because we have worked really hard to be able to put down as much as we can, and make our payments as low as possible. I am proud of me, because I have worked super hard, and super long hours sometimes to be able to put forth just as much as Cody, so needless to say, I will really appreciate the house we buy, because I had a big part in it! Not to mention all the things I held myself back from to save as much as we have. haha thats a big deal! :)
Tomorrow is going to be a bit hecktic, we go tour the house again at 9am, hopefully sign the offer and hop on a plane at 11:30 am. But all our saving and research has hopefully paid off! I am lucky to have a good guy that makes sure he researches pretty much everything until he is satisfied, and makes sure I am safe and well cared for.
If you would like to see the specs on it, you can go to blueroof.com, choose Utah, and the MLS# is 902727.
Cross your fingers, and wish us luck! But we know if it doesn't work out, there is just something better waiting for us. :)
More to come about what happens and our long holiday home in California.
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Holidays

Possibly the best Santa picture ever taken. This is my nephew Rhett meeting Santa....I think he made a good impression on the little guy. Enjoy. :) And yes, his dad and everyone else is laughing.

We will be spending Christmas in California this year (Cody's first away from home, besides the mission, that doesn't really count). I am looking forward to spending time with the kids, my sisters, my parents, and since we will be there a bit longer than usual, hopefully some friends as well! I will check back and let you know how it goes, we will be there for New Years as well! :)