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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Codes!!!

I can't believe how time flies. Its seems like it wasn't that long ago that we celebrated Cody's 23rd birthday, but I guess it was a year ago! Today my wonderfully sweet husband is celebrating his 24th birthday! He hasn't been looking forward to today (he feels like he is getting old), but as I tell him all the time, the best parts of his life have just begun!
But I am so grateful for him, and the gift he is to me and everyone in our families. But even more, here are 10 reasons I think he is wonderful! ( I could probably go on forever)

1. He loves the Gospel & he has a relationship with his Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
2. He is possibly the most loving person I know
3. He is respectful
4. He is honest
5. He is smart
6. He loves to pray
7. He makes me smile
8. His mission in life is to make sure our family (right now is just me) is taken care of
9. He is thoughtful and kind
10. He has a HUGE heart; and he loves me more than even I know

I love this picture, it makes me smile! This was a formal night on the cruise. My favorite is when he is dressed up in his church clothes, he is so handsome!
This is a picture he took of himself on my camera when we were dating. He thought he was pretty funny. You can see by the look on his face he thought he was being rather sneaky.
And obviously this is from our wedding day. We just couldn't believe that it was here, and how happy we are and have been. Best decision we have ever made!
Happy Birthday babe! I love you more than words can express and I am glad we get to celebrate you every year, you are such a blessing and joy in my life!

Monday, September 14, 2009

7 Pounds aka Most Depressing Movie Ever!

Okay, let me just start by saying that this movie had a good concept, but I hated it. If you haven't seen it, don't read this, unless you don't care whether you know the ending.
First of all, I did love Rosario Dawson's portrayal in this movie, I think she did an awesome job.
However, what the crap??!?!
The first hour of this movie probably had me the most confused I have been in a long time. There was no plot for about 3/4 of the movie. It just seemed so spliced together and abstract, it was ridiculous.
We watched it with Cody's cousin Andrew & his wife Allie, who also happens to be a friend of mine. All the way through the movie we were looking at eachother going "what the heck is this". I had recommended it, remembering that my sister had really liked it. I hated it, I will never waste 2 hours of my life on that movie again.
Honestly how creepy would it be to look into the eyes of someone you loved, but they were donated, and now were someone else's eyes? SICK! Not only that, but to only be alive because the man you loved committed suicide, and now you have his heart in your body...WEIRD! And how much guilt are you forcing on that person...I just think that this director thuroughly enjoys depressing people as much as possible.
But another lesson learned, do not text and drive!!!!
COME ON WILL SMITH! I have hated all of your latest movies, "The Persuit of Happyness", "I Am Legend", "Hancock"and "Seven Pounds", I guess I should stick to your oldies!
So I would have to say this movie gets 8 thumbs completely down....by myself, Cody, Andrew and Allie! We had to watch "Yes Man" to cheer ourselves up before going to bed. Thank you for saving my dreams Zoey Danschel!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

While We Were In California

We did family pictures(This was in the beginning of August). The whole operation was orchestrated by my sisters. We did these as a gift for my parents. We had a lot of fun hanging out on the beach together as a family. You just can't find any better scenery. The beach is probably what I do, and will always miss most about home (other than my family of course!)
Here are my favorites...

My Beautiful Family! Love you guys!

Ari Cheney Lewis did an awesome job editing these and the photographer (don't remember his name) was a trooper! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

St. George

So it was a warm welcomed get away for us this last weekend. We couldn't have been more ready for time away. So we decided to spend the weekend in St. George. So we decided we would drive out on Friday right after we were done with work and things. Cody and I had realized the day before, that we had never been in the car with eachother much longer than 30 minutes, so this was going to be a first. But it was a quite enjoyable 4 hour drive (its a good thing Utah doesn't really have traffic). We talked, we laughed and just got to enjoy eachother and the open road.

So Friday night we checked into our awesome hotel, and started our carefree weekend. It was nice to have nowhere to be, and no schedule, so we really enjoyed it. We got to sleep in, go out to breakfast, walk around the shopping pavilions, and just relax. Neither one of us had been to St. George in probably 10 years or so, so we weren't really sure what there was to do. But one thing I am thankful for the i-phone is for the unlimited access to google and gps!

We also tried to do a session at the St. George Temple on Saturday morning, but sadly, it was closed for cleaning and maintenance. So sad! But we can't wait to go back, because seeing how beautiful it was on the outside, we can't imagine what it looks like on the inside! What they were able to accomplish at that time, and with such limited resources is absolutely amazing. So beautiful!

We also got to visit the Tabernacle that is in St. George. The missionaries in the area told us a lot about the history of the city, and all the things that went on there that not everyone hears about. I know a lot of the history of Salt Lake just because I live here and because its talked about a lot with church and things, but St. George not so much. But the saints actually did alot of amazing things, and had to go through a lot of hardships. Its very interesting.
The inside was true to early Latter-Day Saint style. So elegant, and beautiful. They really knew how to build buildings back then. And there were so many amazingly talented people. The wood that they used was pine, so they hand painted wood grain on everything to make it look like oak. I can't imagine how long that took! And that pulpit is where we received the famous "Windows of Heaven" speech, when we learned the true blessings of tithing! And we got to walk right up to it and stand there, it was really cool.
Then we went to Brigham Young's Winter home. I would have to say that Brother Brigham had the right idea. Hang out in Salt Lake in the Spring, Summer and some of the Autumn months, but as soon as it started to be really cold and snow, he got outta there. He spent the snowy months in the very un-snowy St. George; smart, smart man. In both of his homes there is just a different feeling, especially in his bedroom. He has a kneeling stool in his room, and I just can't help but think of how many conversations he had with the Lord in that room while he was on his knees. Just the feeling in these buildings where the early prophets spent time, and talked to eachother is so different, I love it.
But the real reason for our excursion was to see these beautiful people! Trent & Lauren Tipton were married in the Los Angeles temple the week before; and we were not able to make it to California as much as I would have loved to. So we did the next best thing and went to their beautiful reception in St. George! Lauren looked amazing, and Trent looked very handsome, they both looked absolutely happy finally be sealed together. It was so good to see you guys! Can't wait to see ya when everything calms down!
So that was our restful weekend, if only life could always be that way! Until our next getaway...