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Friday, August 22, 2008

We're Official

Hey there!!!
Welcome to our BLOG!
I have had this set up for a little while, but we decided not to put anything on it until we were officially engaged! Cody proposed on Wednesday night, so that means I am free to post just about anything I want now! I know, no one saw this proposal coming, come on, US? Get MARRIED??? Who ever would have guessed?
I'm sure more people expected it than we were aware of. But anyway, we are looking forward to the wedding, which will be November 14th. And we will try to keep everyone updated with how everything is going, and what fun things we are up to! Especially since a lot of my family is farther away, and also my friends, so now you have a way to keep tabs on us and still be in "the know" :) Love you guys!