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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our cute little start

So this would be our little humble abode. We are the second of the Fitts boys to live in these townhouses downtown, but its been great so far. Definitely nice for a little starter pad. We only plan on being in here for about a year, or maybe less, we shall see. I will start our little tour downstairs and we will work our way up.

Here we have our laundry area. Cody was nice enough to buy me a brand new washer and dryer. And man are they amazing! He wonderful, he does quite a bit of our laundry, with our schedules the way they are, he likes to help out around the house to make our lives easier.
This is a custom shelf Cody put in for me above our stove for our little nick-nacks and our microwave that we got.

Oh, I found Cody going through the cupboards while I was taking pictures. I guess I should start cooking dinner, he looks hungry.

This is our little kitchenette. I love our little dining room table. It was a major score on our part. We only need two chairs for now, but their are four. Mind you, I have a lot of things to put on the walls, but we have decided to wait to put holes in the walls while we figure out how long we will be living here.

Here is our living room. There was a prexisting hole in the wall, so I figured I might as well put something on the wall.

Another angle of our living room. I love our entertainment center (thanks to my sister erin and also my sister kelly for driving it all the way up here). Our Christmas tree has also been fun to have up. We have some rearranging to do when we have to take it down.
Now I will take you upstairs. Yeah, it is nice not to have anyone beneath you or above you!

Our cute little bathroom. There is a half bath downstairs as well, but I like this one the best. We never really use the one downstairs. Don't you love those countertops??? haha, yeah we are excited to buy a house so we can renovate when we want instead of just having to leave stuff like that there.
From the hallway. I love the rug and the striped shower curtain. I am sad you cant see our cute towels on the towel bar, but they are behind the door. Sorry!

As you walk into the second bedroom you see our computers. Cody's is the one on the right, my laptop is on the left. That is actually my sewing desk, that Cody's mom gave me. But Cody hasnt finished working on his computer desk that he is building, so I told him he could use mine for now. That will be my sewing room as well.

The other side of the second bedroom. It looks smaller in pictures Mom & Kel, don't worry. You will have a bit of space when you come stay. And I must tell you that this pillow top matress is amazing!

And our tour ends in our master bedroom. I had to make an exception to putting a hole in the wall to put my star up. I was way too excited about it to let it just sit like most of our wall decor.
Cody was also nice enough to buy us a wonderful new pillowtop bed in here, and my mom got us a matress pad, so I sleep quite nicely, especially after Cody has left for work! :) Hope you enjoyed your tour. If we stay for the duration of our lease, I will put up pictures when I have stuff on the walls. But if not, I will post pictures of our new place. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I will post that stuff later!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, they're here!!! I just got the email last night saying, "your images are now online!". I was so excited. We hadnt seen many pictures of that day at all.

This one is my absolute favorite!

Cody and his brothers right after we came out. precious!

Cody and his sisters...yes, you counted correctly, there are 8 kids in his family.

This is me and my two sisters. I was WHITE!

All the girls on our side of the family. Cody's siblings didnt bring all of their kids to California.

Me and the boy, our only little guy, Rhett! He's so cute!

Aww, I loved my flowers!!! Absolutely perfect!

We couldn't stop making eachother laugh all day.

Standing in front of the HUGE tree on temple grounds.

I wasnt kidding when I said HUGE!

It was the perfect day!

See, we really couldn't stop laughing, especially because our photographer, my friend Brenda would say weird things.

Oh the dip, Cody loves to dip.

The entrance into our reception. Lindann, my sisters and my mom did such a great job planning everything. Thank you, you guys! The boys did a great job setting up as well!

One of the shots of the room. It looked like a little bistro in a garden!

Dancing with my daddy!

Our first dance, to our song. "Stay With Me" by Josh Gracin.

A full shot.

We had cupcakes instead of a cake.

This one was ours.

The walkway to the entrance.

Some of the 19 cousins I have. Love you guys! Thanks for coming! It was amazing. And I hope if you couldnt make it, that these pictures help you feel like you were there! Hope everything is well with everyone!
Pictures were taken by Brenda Manookin of New Sky Productions 503-756-2780

Monday, December 8, 2008

As Promised!

As promised I am posting a few pictures that we took on our honeymoon. I thought I would pick a couple pictures from the ports that we stopped at.
Our first stop on the coast of Mexico was Puerto Vallarta. We were at sea for two days enjoying the luxuries of our ship, The Saphire Princess, and the third morning, I woke up to see this out our stateroom window!

We walked around for a while. We even went to Walmart in Mexico where we were able to pick up some things that we had forgotten. We also stopped at the newly built mall that was there. They were doing alot of construction in Puerto Vallarta to attract more tourists.
This picture is right outside the port where there were a lot of natives, doing what they do best, bartering!

Our second stop was Mazatlan. We liked this town. There was a lot of history. We took a private tour, just me and Cody and our native tour guide. We had so much fun. He referenced this hill alot, because there is the lighthouse on top of it. It happens to be the second highest lighthouse in the world. We had a great time on our tour, seeing all of the old buildings and the new town in contrast. Plus the beaches and water were absolutely amazing!
Mazatlan has a lot of hills. When you are near the tops, the views of the water are amazing! We could not get over it. And our tour guide could not get over how crazy big our ship was. It is the one on the right. It even dwarfs the Royal Carribbean a bit. But man was it full of awesome things to do! And the view of the city isn't bad either.
Our third, and last stop on our wonderful cruise, was Cabo San Lucas! They really saved the best for last. The beaches were the best on the entire coast, and coming from a girl that comes from near Malibu, that is saying something. We spent the day enjoying the beauty there. We taxied out to lover's beach (the beach in this photo) on a glass bottom boat, so you could see the tropical fish swimming below. Cody had also been waiting this whole trip to snorkel. So we snorkeled and swam around for the day. It was awesome, and so relaxing. And Cody discovered on this trip, that he really enjoys being in the water and swimming.
The view at night was absolutley breathtaking. It was awesome to be able to eat overlooking the water and the city. We got stuck there for an additional 4 hours, but we did not mind at all! See, Cabo doesn't have a port. So your ship parks in the middle of the cove-ish area, and you take life boats into the docks. Well, one of the lifeboat hydrolic lifts to store the boat back above deck broke. So we relaxed while they were busy fixing it. But we loved the extra time to enjoy the view and relax.
We loved this cruise so much, we are looking forward to taking another one. We are hoping to go again next year. And if you are looking for a good cruise line, we would highly recommend the Princess Cruise Lines. They cruise to perfection!