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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SO EXCITED, I can't even tell you!

Yes, I am one of those girls. I just can't wait for the sequel to Twilight, New Moon! I am not so much a "Twihard" or anything like that. I simply love the books, the eternal bond it represents and the way Stephanie Meyer writes. It doesn't hurt that every time I would imagine Edward, he had a bit of Cody in him (for me).
But I just got my tickets the other day in the mail to one of the midnight showings. Cody & I are going with our friends Chase & Mikah to a private showing in Provo (thanks Olivia). Olivia, this girl I have met through the blogging circuit, has rented out one of the screening rooms in a theater for the opening night. I asked her if she had any extra tickets, and poof, she made my month. I WAS GOING TO SEE NEW MOON, and not with a bunch of crazy high school kids, like when we saw Twilight...WOOHOO!
So, I wasn't THAT impressed with Twilight at first, but as I kept watching it, and I reread the books, it has definitely grown on me. I had to get over the fact that they don't get everything right for some reason (even the way they park Bella's car for the accident scene...sigh...) You would think it wouldn't be that hard...but evidently it is. ANYWAY...
Still, I am super stoked about the second movie coming out. If you have seen the previews, you just know its going to be better than the first. It just looks so much more intense! The actors say there is a lot more action, and the movie will leave you wanting more, so who wouldn't be excited? Only 23 more days...I think....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Love TLC Evenings

So yes, I have been loving the shows on TLC lately, I've been kind of obsessed... I think Cody & I watched like 6 episodes of "Cake Boss" last night. I love it. I also like to tune into "Say Yes to the Dress". We aren't usually TV watchers, but with the weather, we have become so (and the fact that Cody hates board games).

"Say Yes to the Dress" reminds me of working at Camarillo Bridal, which is a bit humbler of a shop, but still, I remember the crazy brides that would drive us crazy because they would never be able to make up their minds. "Say Yes to the Dress" is based out of New York, and they get all kinds of people from all over the world coming to that shop. Its amazing. I just like to see all the different dresses (I am kinda glad I never had to try on that many, I think I only tried on 3 or 4). The process looks completely exhausting! But the people are funny and diverse and I just love to see how they handle each client's personality and style. If you like seeing different people's styles, I would say this is a good show, plus its one of the more wholesome things on TV these days.

My other guilty pleasure is "Cake Boss". Its about a family owned bakery in New Jersey, the family is a full blooded, crazy, Italian family. They are in your face, very vocal and absolutely hilarious. Being that they are all related (Buddy's 4 sisters run the front and the shop, while he and a couple brothers-in-law run the show upstairs with the designs and assembly with their crew) they get a little annoyed with eachother. Very entertaining. And I used to watch "Ace of Cakes" on FoodNetwork (I still do sometimes), but they didn't really focus of the assembly of the actual cakes and how they make them. On "Cake Boss" you actually see them make them from top to bottom, its interesting. Plus, they have quite the colorful clientele as well. They come up with really awesome designs and its just an awesome way to create art, and it doesn't hurt that you can eat it! :)

But I still love the usuals that I have always watched on TLC "What Not to Wear" and "Jon & Kate Plus 8"(which has gone downhill, but I liked the Q& A last night). What do you usually end up watching?

Monday, October 26, 2009

All Little Bit of Everything

So needless to say the past couple of weeks have felt so hecktic and crazy. We have been working,as usual...but we have had things that were expected and very unexpected happening.
We have been enjoying the season, although it has gotten a touch too cold for me, and its not even snowing yet.
We were able to go to a couples Halloween party thrown by one of my friends from the University ward I was in before we got married, Camary. We had an awesome dinner made up of a mystery menu, it was cute. Each dish was something you would normally eat, but on the menu they were called something gruesome like "enlarged maggots" for macarroni and cheese and so on. You didn't find out what you had ordered until it was in front of you. It was a way cute idea and we had a lot of fun playing games like pictionary and watching a scary movie. And we met some fun new people, altogether a very entertaining night! Thanks Cam! :)
Cody has been VERY busy with the boys in the stake. They went shooting last week, they went to a Haunted Maze on Wednesday, they have a campout coming up...its just been wild. Not to mention he helped the Teachers in the stake with their booth on Saturday for our stake Halloween Carnival, and he did a great job. I think his favorite part was watching all the little kids in their cute costumes. He picked out some of his favorite and showed them to me when I got there. I would have to say, he has good taste! :) Our favorite was a homemade lion costume on this probably year old boy, had to be one of the cutest things we had ever seen.
We have also been visited on a pretty frequent basis by some of our kids from trek. Some that were ours, and some that were honorary because lets face it, they wanted to be in our awesome fam. But we love having them over and hearing all of the things they are going through right now. It takes us back, I don't know..like 5 to 7 years...Its just funny, because we totally relate and understand being right in that very position. Jared and John came over after their dates on Saturday and gave us a recap. It was pretty hilarious, and yes, of course we gave them some very valuable advise...haha We love it.
On a bit of a sad note, Friday though we attended a very sobering funeral, but it was very touching and beautiful at the same time. Our good friends, and neighbors lost their son of complications upon arrival. They were able to spend a little bit of time with him, and they said that the they had some amazing spiritual experiences that are really helping them get through this really hard time in their lives. If you can though, I would really appreciate if you could just mention the Hanks Family in your prayers, I know they can feel the power of the prayers said in their behalf. I just know I would appreciate it also, if something like that were to happen to me. So if you can, that would be wonderful. We are also very sad because they will be moving to West Jordan this weekend, we will miss them and their awesome little girl. We are looking forward to meeting up with them, and continuing our friendship. They have been wonderful friends and neighbors.
Sunday, Cody was able to also attend his cousin's farewell. Travis will actually be going to the same mission that Cody went to. So Cody was able to give him a few insights and tips. We are excited for Travis to have this awesome experience in his life, but it will be sad to see him go. For those of you that know him, know he is hilarious and lots of fun. You will be missed Travis, but you will have an awesome experience and we will have even more fun when you return!
Well, Primary program is coming up, so I have been spending the last 8 months, especially the last few weeks gearing the kids up for it. I will have to let you know how it goes. Its November 8th and then our anniversary is on the 14th, so I will be able to get a couple more posts in about something in particular, instead of one that is all over the place. But our life has been pretty all over the place! Enjoy your Halloween! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Enjoy the Fleeting Moments"

I have realized through the course of my short life, that most people are in a rush. They need to get this done, and then this, and then they need to get to something else. How awesome would it be, if we just took the time to enjoy the moment we are in? The phase we are in, in our lives.
I could have done with a little bit more enjoyment of the things I was doing say, 3, 4 , or 5 years ago. But I, like so many others, was in so much of a hurry to get to the next thing. Finally, at the ripe old age of 19, I decided I needed to slow down, take things as they came, and enjoy or learn from each experience that came into my life. I have tried to keep that ongoing, but sometimes I forget, and before I know it,I'm in a hurry again.
When I was 19, some experiences I had, made me realize that my life was in the Lord's hands, and my timetable didn't really exist, it was His. Sure, I can set goals, and plan things, and most of those things I can do on my own timetable. But not everything. A lot of things just happen when they are supposed to, and in the way they were meant to. Not necessarily when and how I would have invisioned. Like when I met my "Prince Charming", I didn't really plan on that, quite the opposite really. Neither one of us wanted to go that direction, particularly with eachother at that point. We were too busy enjoying the life we had at that moment. Which taught me the lesson again. The best opportunities come when we are enjoying what we already have.
So I got to enjoy moments like these, to the fullest.
Cody had surprised me with an "outing" and told me to wear tennis shoes. I had never even heard of Ensign Peak before that day. But it is one of my favorite memories of us. I think we had been dating for 4 or 5 months at this point. If I looked at my journal, I could probably tell you.
But I for sure remember this. November 14, 2008. One of the craziest days of my life. Sure, I enjoyed this day, but remembering all of it is super hard. So much was going on, and we still had so much to do that day. This picture was taken right before we finished at the temple, and I remember taking a wonderful, peaceful drive down one of my favorite sites, the Pacific Coast Highway with my brand new husband. :)
This post is mostly for my benefit, to remind myself not to get caught up with everything around me. But I am sure you can come up with memories of your own that you treasure, that you wish, would have lasted maybe a little bit longer. And as more come your way, you will remember to stop, relax and enjoy the moment you are in. It only comes around once! :)