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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ok, since I have been pregnant I have kinda dropped off the sphere. Its kind of nice, I must admit.
I haven't wanted much to do with most social things. Not to mention, a lot of the blogosphere has resembled more of a bragosphere, and facebook more like boastbook. I swear, people only post when they do or get something they feel someone else would want, and it has kind of turned me off to the whole idea. I like keeping to myself and doing my own thing, enjoying my own life, without everyone knowing about it. It sadly though, has been keeping me from keeping up with my friends and my family who aren't all about that. So I have missed some people and feel disconnected from them...thus, I am posting again, or at least trying, because I know people want to know how things are going with our little one.
Lately we have just been living life. I am now 22 weeks along, over half way, and its so nice to be on the downward end of the climb. I have less weeks ahead than I have behind me, and that is a good feeling.
I have known the gender of the baby since about 12 or 13 weeks. Not everyone has that luxury, and this is probably the only pregnancy where I will, so I decided to take advantage of it. I actually saw what I was having at my normal doctor's appt. She didn't catch the glimpse, but I did (finally knowing how to look at ultra sounds pays off). The next day I told a girl at work about it, and we decided to see if I was right. Sure enough, I was. We are having a little boy, and we couldn't be happier. We knew we would be happy with whatever, but this is what we had been hoping for.
I am the type of person that gets things done as far ahead of time. (I have had my Christmas shopping done since Halloween). So his crib is up, his room is painted, he has a name (a select few of our family and close friends know what it is, but we aren't announcing it publicly until it is officially his name). We have his carseat, stroller, bath, you name it. DONE! My mom has made sure there are clothes in his closet, and there are more coming. So now basically we don't know what to do with ourselves. So we have been carrying on with life as usual waiting for our little guy to join us out here.
Cody's favorite thing to do right now is poke my stomach, and waits a minute, then our little man pokes him back. I think they just might hit it off. :)
I will have to post pictures of his room when I get everything on the walls and stuff. But hey, I've got 18 weeks to go, so I have time, right? Knowing me though, I will probably have it done ahead of time. :)
Hope all is well with all my friends in the blogosphere. I will have to catch up with everyone.