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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Long Time

So I know it has been quite a while, again. But I figure, anything is better than nothing, right?

Nothing exciting has been happening with Cody & Kylie Fitts family. We finally got our downstairs family room situated where we actually want to hang out down there. So that's good at least.
We are painting our family room finally. Lowe's messed up the color twice, hence the delay. Needless to say, we don't really like when you mix our paint Rick at Lowe's. :) Maybe you have other talents, but mixing paint is not one of them.
I got my craft room situated, I just have to figure out what I want to put on the walls. Now I need to start sewing, crafting etc. in there. :)
Cody has been busy hooking up all his electrical stuff,he does some unnecessary things, but it makes him happy. So thats all that matters. (ie. hooking the lights upstairs, so they turn on as soon as the garage door goes off so I don't have to enter a dark house). He is crazy. He cleaned his garage, out fitted it all with shelves galore. It looks pretty good.
We found 2 more boxes of clothing in our junk room which we are currently cleaning out for the "workout room" Cody is glad he is finally able to bring home his weight bench and an elliptical for me.
But who cares about the house??? haha its the same old thing, different week.
But on a more uplifting note....
I taught my first lesson in YW yesterday, it went surprisingly well. I have been a RS teacher, Primary, and Sunday School, but YW is completely different. The lessons, mine do anyway, depend on who is in my class. This week, I could tell what came out of my mouth was inspired, as I had prayed for it to be, but it really was! I had been thinking about it for like 2 weeks, but nothing I had thought through during that time came through in my lesson. I learned alot from being able to think about it so long, so I guess that was the purpose for me. But they needed to hear something entirely different. The last time I felt this way so completely was when I was a RS teacher. There are just certain things you know they need to hear, but the Lord knows which things they need at that point in time. Considering I don't know the girls that well yet, I was nervous that I wouldn't say the things I needed to. But WOW was the spirit strong. It was an absolutely wonderful way to spend a Sunday. I know most of it didn't come from me, I am so grateful for inspiration. My girls are amazing! I love them so much already, and its only been like a month. They have helped me already to grow and see things differently. Sometimes I wish I could teach every week. But mostly not...ha ha
How about you guys? Have you ever had those types of lessons, either where you knew you said something they needed to hear? Or someone that was teaching said something you really needed to hear?
I swear, it seems like most Sundays, the talks and lessons are written just for me. Its awesome!

Monday, July 12, 2010

So, I guess I will write my review

Eclipse...we have a love/hate relationship. I have struggled with writing this for like 2 weeks now. Every time I sit down to write it, I cringe. I love that they are bringing this story to life, its an awesome book, and it will always be one of my faves. But, Robert Pattinson ruined this movie for me, personally. I know a lot of people will freak out, but I think he makes Edward look weak and ridiculous. TO ME, this is my opinion.

I don't feel much emotion behind his character, where I feel Jacob's(Taylor) emotions, he conveys them really clearly. I love his playful banter, I love the way he looks at Bella. I love the way he talks about her.

Then there is Edward....ugh. I know they are supposed to have this all consuming, undeniable love for each other, but I just don't feel it. I feel like they don't do enough to give life to Bella & Edward's relationship other than physically (there was quite enough making out in that movie, I was starting to get tired of it). Sure they are attracted to each other, and they love each other, whatever. But for me, to be truly in love, you need to be the other's best friend, the one they talk to about everything, the one you laugh with, you know the whole "be anything, do anything" type of relationship Jacob described. I don't get that from the Edward/Bella relationship in this movie, I get that from the Jacob/Bella relationship. Edward and Bella are just serious, ALL THE TIME, it was making me crazy. I know this is a serious movie, but they had time to slip in some banter at least, some real life couple stuff to make it seem like an actual relationship. (Cody and I went over this in the car ride home from the lake, he's so funny).

So with that said, I had a hard time with the movie in general. Why would you choose the guy that makes being together look so difficult? Why not choose the relationship that looks comfortable, relaxed and effortless (the physical aspects of it aside)? Edward had some moments, where I was like "alright this works" but those were few and far between. And I can't blame the actors, of course she has chemistry with one and not the other, she is in a real-life relationship with the one...So there you have it. Lets hope nothing goes bad before they are done taping Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2, otherwise there will be no chemistry between anybody...haha Cause I don't think Kristen or Robert are that fantastic at acting in general.

Anyway. I loved the rest of the movie. I loved that the movie wasn't all about the love triangle. I needed a break from it, and I liked being able to get the background on the other characters, and see them interact more together. And my favorite couple in this movie ended up being.......Alice & Jasper! I loved them together in this movie!

The fight scenes were great, the slow motion moments were pretty cool. I liked the training scenes also. Awesome.

I loved the wolves. They CGI is absolutely amazing. They can do amazing things with computer animation ( I cannot wait to see how they get Reneesme to look). I love the wolf pack.

The campfire scene with the legend of the 3rd wife was awesome, short, maybe a little too short, but accurate. But it was nice to see it all played out like it was in my head while I was reading it in the book. Plus, it needed to be in there to explain Bella's actions during the fight.

The scene where they would trade, for lack of a better word, custody of Bella was hilarious. Both characters made me laugh. I was also very amused during the famous "tent scene". They boys were great together. Edwards protectiveness when Jacob kissed Bella made me laugh out loud. It was a bit TOO much, but what can you do?

All in all it was a good movie. I enjoyed it for the most part. The end (Cody agreed) left you kind of...I don't know. Just not in the best mood of the movie. I didn't care for Bella's speech, like everyone else did, sorry. It wasn't accurate, so I didn't go for it. It may have made more sense, but in the book that's not what happened. So I wasn't all about it.

So there is my take. Have at it. I am sure A LOT of people would disagree.