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Monday, August 16, 2010

16 Thoughts on the 16th

Some things that have been on my mind:

1. Oh how I would love to live somewhere that has winters above 60 degrees.
2. I hate wearing shoes, therefore, any time I can get away with not wearing any, I do.
3. Why do people celebrate month anniversaries? Make it years, and then its worth celebrating. I think month anniversaries are lame and pointless. Its only 4 weeks, anyone could do that.
4. I watch way too much HGTV, not much else actually.
5. Playing Apples to Apples is one of my favorite things to do. Especially with funny people like on Saturday this last weekend! :)
6. Migraines are crap, I had one Sunday, it was awful.
7. I love naps with Cody, a nice fan, and the AC going , perfect!
8. Night time walks make any day better
9. Nielsen's Frozen Custard....get chocolate almond, divine!
10. I hate missing church, its the worst.
11. I miss Baja Fresh, Bobby's, and Olas...if you don't know what that is...You are missing out royally.
12. Beach Bonfires never get old, even if you do it every week. :)
13. I miss hanging out with my mom all day, and my sisters. Just call and come over. So much fun. Life is very different these days. :(
14. Late night toilet paper wars...Oh Malans' you made for a good target.
15. I love lime green and aqua together.
16. I despise hot chocolate.