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Saturday, July 9, 2011


My little E is getting to be a big boy and its driving me crazy. I can't believe how much he grows and learns from week to week.

He rolls from his tummy to his back and often as he can, he does it the quickest when he is mad. He has started to make loud hollaring noises for no apparent reason. He loves to stand as often and as long as you will let him. (He has been doing it for about 3 or more weeks now, but he is getting too good at it). Ezra will stop crying if you give him a drop of lemonade or vitamin water ;), loves straws. His favorite thing to have in his mouth would have to be his hands, so yummy; paci is a close second.

Ezra usually only gets up once during the night. Daddy usually gets up with him. Its their special male bonding time. He loves to cuddle with mom, he nuzzles right up under my face, its the cutest thing ever, and I never want it to end. He has to fall asleep either hanging on my necklace or the neck of my shirt. :)

He talks a lot, just not sure what it is he is saying, but he is sure excited about it. My little Boogs is possibly the most smiley, and bright eyed 12 week old anyone has ever seen! I love my boy. I just can't believe how quickly he is growing up. It is bitter sweet. It makes my heart ache to see him grow, and to realize that these are phases that quickly pass, but he gets more fun every day. :) Lets hope he remains mommy's cuddle bug for a few years...I can't get enough of it!