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Monday, June 27, 2011

If you like hair accessories...

You will want to check this out. My sister's friend makes these awesome hair flowers, bows, and appliques. Click here to check them out! She is doing a giveaway right now, so now is as good a time as any!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Looking up...

So things haven't been super hard or taxing or anything like that. Its just now that things are starting to take on a schedule and I have more time to myself while Ezra naps and likes to sit in his Bumbo. I am actually really excited. I can paint things outside now that the weather is nice (consistently), set up my glue gun and craft table on the deck and enjoy the sun, the breeze....ugh! It sounds like heaven right now.

On Tuesdays I go to the park with the other moms in the ward that don't work. :) So there is a designated day, and time, that I get some adult interaction. We can talk about things that only we would understand. Like how much you love your child, but on some occasions when it just feels like you barely survived the day without pulling your hair out. :) And how many more of those you have to look forward to! I have friends in my ward, but this week I made a new friend. She is a transplant just like me, so that makes things nice, and we can relate on a lot of things. So naturally we have a lot to talk about, and she is a stay at home mom as well, so there is lots of time for that!

Cody and I have also started paying attention to the things here that we can take advantage of. Like the other day when went to the Gateway (the outdoor mall) for the Chalk Art Festival. It wasn't anything spectacular, we just got to walk around as a family, enjoy the art, and have day outside in nice weather. There are gorgeous places to hike near our house, there is the Farmer's Market in downtown SLC, the Hogle Zoo, Heritage Park, the Aquarium, Handcart Days in Bountiful, countless things that Cody would never think to do because he has lived here his whole life and barely done any of it. So I am looking forward to doing things here as a couple, a family, and hopefully being able to like living in Utah just a little bit. Because we all know I have a hard time even tolerating it a lot of the time. (Sorry, but its SO true)

So things are looking up.... I have read 3 books (since Sunday), I have had Ezra down for at least 2-3 naps a day for the last couple weeks (which usually last about 2-3 hours each), I have been planning my trip to California next week (and this time Cody is even coming with me!), and I have started making goals of things I want to learn how to do and a list of crafts I want to try and tackle. So all in all, its been one of the best weeks so far as mom, not mention my little man hit two months last Friday! Can you believe it? He's the best, not to mention the cutest! He is just growing way too fast. I love it so much, he is just getting to be more fun every day.

So here's to a good start of normalcy, and lets hope this keeps up! :)