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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Callings & California

Its been a crazy few weeks. We have been able to spend a lot of time as a little family, and that has been my absolute favorite part. It makes everything we do worth it when we can sit back and see how we are blessed as a family, not just individually. I was released as the nursery leader recently. And I kind of don't know what to do with myself. This is the first time I have been released without an immediate call to something else. And I am starting to feel lost, with no purpose week after week as I go to church with no calling. Ok, so its only been like 3 weeks, but that is a lifetime for me. (I might look back at this post in a couple months & regret thinking all of this, depending on what I am asked to do). Our Bishop told me, when he told me to anticipate a release, that there were a few things that were being put in motion & I might have an opportunity to work with the youth again. I was elated. I love working with the youth! They bring a light to my life that no other group can. They test my patience a lot of the time too, but seeing them at such an important phase in their lives, where they really find themselves & decide who they are going to be & what they are going to do is amazing. And being able to witness it & sometimes be a part of it is one of the most rewarding things. I beam with pride when I see the young women & young men I have been able to teach when I see who they have become and some of the choices they have made. Anyway, I hope that might turns into a definite yes! Ezra has really started to thrive without me in nursery. He has been singing, which he would never do when I was in there. And he is more friendly with the other kids. I have been able to supplement him when we are home, which is nice. He has learned so many songs in the last few weeks. We sing 4 or 5 before bed every night after we read his illustrated scriptures & I feel like we both do better when I am not the only one teaching him both at home & in nursery. He is able to get different things from different people, which is so good! And I am sure other people can teach him so many more things than I can. Plus, the poor kid needs some space & time away from his crazy mama. Well if he needed space, he is going to get a lot of it this weekend. Cody is sending me to CA to spend time with my sisters. I leave on Thursday, we are doing an all girls trip to Disneyland Friday, and then we can go to surf competitions, the beach or shopping on Saturday. I fly home later on Sunday afternoon. The whole thing has given me a little anxiety. I hate leaving Ezra at all, but leaving my baby in another state?!?!? That just seems crazy to me. It helps that he will be with his daddy :) And not having both of us gone. We have only both left once, and that was for Quest. I figured because we were only an hour away & because it was for a church calling, he would have extra protection & so would we, weird? I don't care. Otherwise it freaks me the heck out. I am one of those moms. Make fun of me, I don't care. Anyway. I am trying to be a lot better about posting. So lets see how long I can keep this thing up. Until next time.