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Friday, August 16, 2013


I don't know about you, but a lot of the time when my house gets messy & I don't want to clean it, I get the itch to move. "Maybe if I had more space, I would have more places to put things, and then my house would be cleaner."-that kind of thing. And Pinterest has made this even worse for me! However I realized...I would have to clean that one too. I would have to vacuum & mop even more floors, I would have to straighten more rooms, I would have to pick up Ezra's toys in more spread-out areas. And boy does that not sound appealing. Especially when you consider how tough it is sometimes to get yourself to scrub the bathrooms you already have, to dust all the ceiling fans, patch the paint on the walls, clean the ample spaced kitchen you already have...and then add to it! Whoa. I am very grateful for the house we have & the home we have created inside of it. Is it perfect? No. Will anything ever be? Not a chance! So every time I mop or vacuum I am reminded that I am very grateful that its just these floors & not more! And that is the problem I think with the world today. (And sometimes it creeps into my head, because believe it or not, I am not perfect either. SHOCKER!) We aren't grateful enough for the things we already have & we think that having more might change that. Guess what? It might for a minute, but in the long run its not that kind of thing that makes anyone happy. I am grateful for my little family, would we like to add to it? Of course. But are we happy with the way it is now too? Absolutely. We are grateful for the place in which we live because of the people around us. Is it my ideal home? Not by a long shot! But am I grateful to live in a place where I have people who love me & where I have some support (even though it snows here?) Heavens yes! There are always going to be things in life that you wish were different, that is one thing that will never change. But what we can change is our attitude. Be grateful! I know I could always use some more gratitude in my life.

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